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On Sunday March 7th I will be participating as a teacher at the Holistic Retreat of the Network Yoga Therapy. Together with founder Anneke Sips and naturopath / holistic nutritionist and author Kyra de Vreeze we will explore the connection between Earth care and Self care.

From NYT website:


Holistic retreat

We are facing a massive disillusionment with existing political systems, struggling with the overwhelming pressure of modern life and witnessing the rise of a technology-laden existence, where loneliness, chronic disease and mental illness grows.

We live in a world full of information and we starve for wisdom.

holistic retreat NYT

Our mental health is affected by many aspects of life: mind and body, food, lifestyle, relationships, work environment and stress. The climate and more. These factors cannot be considered separately. Mental wellness and health requires a holistic approach.

When we start to understand the earth, starting with soil, we observe how nature behaves and we learn to observe ourselves and our role in this, it doesn’t only offers simple solutions to (sometimes complex) issues, it brings hope for the future.

The yoga method is an approach that supports how we walk the earth. Yoga is not just about asana (postures), it is essential to keep the bigger picture (the broader landscape) in mind. It is holistic.

Mental well-being requires ‘nourishing’ skills for self-care from a holistic framework too. This framework helps us to stay healthy in any recovery process, it nourishes our self-healing ability, it makes minimal dependence and helps to increase self-leadership.

In this retreat, we look at the universal principles of wellbeing, and then at our own inner and outer landscapes. You will be offered tools for un-doing, regenerating, evolving and growth. You will be inspired to turn inward to re-discover your own wisdom.


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