(detail)Full Moon Yellow- Hanna Mattes

Exhibition: The Lunar System by Hanna Mattes

by | Jun 17, 2020

A personal universe of artist Hanna Mattes (1980) on view this summer at:

Earth Based Art Space  Zaadmarkt 94 in Zutphen.

Opening: Friday June 26th 17-19hrs




Can the Sun be a friend and Mars be a loved one? Does the Moon dance forever with other planets? From a young age Hanna Mattes (1980) organized her world in an innocent and playful way by associating the people around her with celestial bodies.

During visual explorations in the Atacama desert in Chile, she later discovered a great kinship with the ancient mythologies of the Native Licanantaí. They too connected the heavenly bodies to their relation with the land and each other. 

This inspired Hanna to develop her personal universe in analog photographs of the desert landscapes. By retouching the negatives with ink, the chemical reaction of the photographic emulsion created unique images with multiple layers. 

The artist book ‘The Lunar System’ combines her observations in poetry and images. It tells the story of a period in her life when an important love relationship transformed and how this forced her to change the coherence of her personal galaxy. The work touches on human truths that prove to be universal.


The exhibition with selected images from The Lunar System and the publication are shown at:


Earth Based Art Space   Zaadmarkt 94   Zutphen.


Due to Corona measures the exhibition is accessible for private view during the opening. The artist will be present. Throughout the summer the exhibition can be visited by appointment. In August jazz cellist Ernst Reijseger  will join Hanna Mattes in a live performance.


Earth Based Art Space is initiated by Chantal van Genderen Permaculture Design & Advice and Bureau van Goor Financial Services. At Zaadmarkt 94 they offer space for innovative green projects and nature-inspired art that contribute to restoring our relationship with earth. 

The exhibition was previously shown this spring at Gallery Lauwer in The Hague and will continue traveling to Berlin, Finland and London.



Traveling Spirit_Atacama - Hanna Mattes

Images top to bottom: Full Moon Yellow (detail), Licancabur Burning, Travelling Spirit Atacama.