Earth based art

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Odette Muijsers

Sweet and clean. Odettes artwork reminds us of a world full of longing with bright colors, shiny surfaces and chewable sensations.



Ursula Jernberg

Her search for silence brought her from Norway to Hawaii and to the Dutch Veluwe. The image of universal silence creates a nearly tangible experience in an increasingly loud world.



Ilse leenders

By resourcing new ways for her art Ilse steps into a dialogue with nature and recallibrates her art and life as an artist. I am honored to travel along with her.


Earth Based Artists


Amber Veel

 Lynn Shore

Hanna Mattes

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Cutting edge art

Amber veel

Cutting through dimensions Amber investigates the function of skin. Not only human and animal skins but also the surface of Earth itself, the soil beneath our feet. Through a process of composting she guides matter into a transformation where life and death are not far apart.

Welcome into the mysterious realms of Taxidermic Labatory by Amber Veel

Urban wisdomkeeper

Lynn Shore

Especially in cities connecting with nature around you cannot be overstated. Lynn Shore will teach you to value the municipal parks an learn about trees and plants that dwell there. She’ll bring back the magic that can be found next to the bike lane and inspires people to listen to the wisdom of our ancestors. All of that in todays modern city.

celestial artist

Hanna mattes

Following Hanna since Gerrit Rietveld Academy, she never stopped amazing me. Showing us out-of-this world perspectives, putting herself on the stage as her main character in an ever evolving planet. She has a great sense of earthly matters and she expresses her fascinations with multiple talents. She surely is a bright star in my firmament.

space holder

Chantal van genderen

picture a garden

Where artists grow their food, build their houses, raise their children and make their art. A space to uplift, educate and wonder. A sanctuary to reconnect to creative power and love for life. Sounds like a dream?

Let’s start here now.


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Meer weten?

Kunstenaars worden van harte uitgenodigd om contact op te nemen. Ik bied werkbesprekingen, atelierbezoek, inspiratiesessies en begeleiding bij ecologisch onderzoek. Informeer naar de mogelijkheden.